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Rai Guide in Himalaya

Ace Hiking Pvt. Ltd is a Nepal based local Trekking and Tour Company owned & operated by me, Rai Fanindra, a professional Nepalese Trekking and Tour Guide with over 10 years of experience and deep local knowledge. I would be happy to assist you with your travel in Nepal.

I have been leading treks and cultural tours in many parts of Nepal for hundreds of clients, from many countries including U.S., Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Luxemburg, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Argentina, S. Korea, South Africa, Israel etc.

Nepal has much diversity in geography, climate, biology, people, culture and religion. I can take you to many of our great cultural and natural sites and help you understand their history, context and meaning.

I am really grateful to all previous clients that I got opportunity to guide in Nepal. Thank you; I got a lot of fun, valuable idea sharing and inspiration to establish Ace Hiking Pvt. Limited. I hope for more help and opportunities in future.

Rai Fanindra

Trekking and Tour Guide in Nepal