Daman and Chitlang Tour


Daman is located on a lofty hilltop of Makawanpur district. It is 75 km far from Kalanki and 56 km from Hetauda. The touristic spot is situated at an altitude of 2323 meters which is being popular among Nepalese and foreigners. The hilltop offers a panoramic view of mountains extending from Mt. Dhaulagiri in the west and Mt. Everest in the east. A hilltop view tower installed with long range telescope can view the beautiful mountains. Daman and Chitlang tour is full of pristine natural beauty. The surrounding hills will be colorful in the spring season by blooming rhododendron flowers. The temperature here is cool and likely snowfall in the winter season. There are available plenty of lodge and restaurant in Daman. Regular bus service is available from Kalanki. The place can be reached by hiking from Pharping as well.

Chitlang Village

Chitlang is a beautiful fertile valley with a small stream flowing through the open verdant rice fields and vegetable patches. With the use of water from this stream for irrigation, the valley supplies a larger amount of vegetables to Kathmandu in the form of cabbage, radishes and more. The first settlement encountered is inhabited predominantly by Tamang people followed by the current center of Chitlang which has a police post, shops and a few eateries. Rural houses painted with white and red clay dot the attractive village at the foothill of green hills. The village produces the olive and goat cheese.

Chitlang as beautiful village carries a significant potential as a tourist destination. Chitlang is 13 km from Godam, Kathmandu. Godam is the starting point to reach Chitlang, regular buses operate to Godam from Ratnapark, Kathmandu. There is a 7 km uphill climb followed by a 6 km downhill to reach Chitlang. The village is extremely suitable for close observation of the rural lifestyle amidst clean and peaceful environment. The Chitlang village is well connected with road, it is suitable for a day trip.


The Kulekhani village is famous for delicious fresh fish. Kulekhani can be reached through Balkhu, Dakchhinkali.  People traveling along the Hetauda- Kathmandu route stop at Kulekhani to savor the taste fish as well as to enjoy the scenery. It has also gained a reputation as a picnic spot for residents of Kathmandu and Hetauda, who can leave in early in the morning and can return in the evening. One can also embark on a hike to Daman from Kulekhani. Only limited lodging facility is available in Kulekhani that is located near a major hydroelectricity project.

Boating in Kulekhani
Boating in Kulekhani


The Markhu village located near the Kulekhani of Makawanpur district is popular for boating. The village has also been declared as a tourist destination. Boating is the main attraction of the village located along the shores of the Lake. Nepali as well as foreigner tourists reach markhu on holidays as well as during some festivals to enjoy the motorboat ride. These days, Markhu is gaining popularity also for the locally produced fish. Some small hotels provide accommodation in Markhu located at a road distance of just 7 km from Kulekhani. The tourists are advised to exercise caution while boating in the reservoir.

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