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September 2019
Indra Jatra: the biggest festival in Kathmandu
The traditional Newari festival, Indra Jatra, known as Yenya in Newari dialect, is the biggest street festival in Kathmandu. Thousands of people gather and worship to King of heaven, Indra as a symbol of victory of gods over devils. The Indra Jatra, eight day long festival begins with the erecting Indradhwoj linga, a secret wooden...
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Lakhe Dance show in Machhegau
Fourth Nationwide cultural Lakhe dance show has been completed to preserve the indigenous Newari culture and to promote tourism in Nepal. Lakhe dance show was organized in Machhegaun, Kathmandu on September 6 and 7 by showing the dance of nationwide Newar people. This is a Newari culture dance. Lakhes are depicted with a ferocious mask,...
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